Mass Animal Deaths & 2011 Economic Problems

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Is mass animal deaths responsible for 2011 world problems/troubles?

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  1. I am confident that the year 2011 world economic problems, wars, and natural disasters are directly linked to mass animals deaths in January 2011.

    Bible: For this shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts (animals) of the field, and with the fowl (birds) of the heavens, yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away." (Hosea, 4:1-3)
  2. Main source:

    5000+ Black Birds


    500+ Black Birds

    3,000 blackbirds

    100,000 Drum Fish

    Tens of Thousands - Fish

    Thousands of Fish

    Thousands of Fish

    Dozens of fish in just 50 feet


    50 - 100 Birds - Jackdaws

    100 Pelicans

    300+ Doves

    70 Bats

    100 Tons of Fish

    Hundreds of Snapper

    10 Tons of fish

    Hundreds of fish

    Thousands of fish

    Hundreds of Fish

    Hundreds of Fish

    Scores of Fish

    Hundreds of Fish

    150 Tons of Red Tilapias

    Thousands of Fish

    Scores of dead fish

    Several Manatees,0,7714948.story

    Hundreds of Starfish, Jellyfish

    200 Birds
  3. That's really cute but those examples cannot compete with cats.

    Hundreds of millions of songbirds and other avian species are killed in the US annually by 100 million feral and domestic cats and kill how many millions of species that are food sources for native wild predators.
  4. There is a big difference between animals killing millions of animals for food and competition

    and thousands of animals getting killed by poisonous gases released from earth due to volcanic activity and cold weather possibly.

    It would be a crazy coincidence if fireworks caused one mass death, cold caused another, storm one mass death, confusion another, poisoning one, hail yet another, etc., all within such a short time frame.

    "It's not all that uncommon" is what you keep hearing, but yet the media has never reported on it like this before.
  5. These are omens of ill-wind
  6. I think CIA has been conducting research both on animals and people all around the world

    CIA has some technology that no other institution has in the world and they don't disclose it. Why should they?

    even some of the earthquakes are a result of their experiment I suspect

    Watch the documentary called "Panama deception"

    And you will understand what I mean
  7. Russians have a machine which can create Earthquakes.
  8. Haha I love when people cite the Bible when disasters happen, like there's a logical link or something

  9. And they were... Dinosaurs are all dead so you can relax, lol
  10. Yeah if you want to get yourself frightened by animal/birds/insects/fish deaths I suppose you can find a reason to be frightened about it.

    But it takes place all the time.
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