Masons here?

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    Just curious.
  2. nokomisjeff, I believe. You could PM him.
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    Thanks King, not gonna PM, just curious.
  4. Dataa


    I am not a number !

    uh I mean I am not a member :D
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    My Grandpa was a mason, I still have no idea what that even means. I asked him about it once and he gave me a vague brochure with some pictures of dudes smiling and stuff, but thats about it.
  6. i bricked the front of my house when i built it. does that count?
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    I'm not a Mason either.
  8. It's some BS "fraternal order" based on a corruption of Kabbalah mixed with the "occult".
    Many American founding fathers were members and most of the beginnings of the American gov't were based on the principles. If you are curious how pervasive it was, you need only look on any of the bills you have in your wallet. All the graphics are based on occult beliefs and even the capital was designed around the concepts including a pentagram emanating from the white house itself.

  9. I don't think a real Mason would tell anyone here at ET he is a Mason.

    Just like you won't hear from any Skull and Bones members ect,.
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    It's funny how those bullshit occult kabbalistic principles such as basic freedoms are what made and still make this nation the greatest in the world, don't you think?

    FT, a Mason AFAIK isn't required to hide his identity. Of course, he/she might be wary of doing it in a public place where everyone has watched too many YT vids.
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