Mary Oryhon Dax Course

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  1. I have heard that it is a pile. A big steaming pile.

    In fact, get your shovel and a mask.

    I am sure there is a pony under there somewhere!!!!!

    Thanks for the spam

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    I have to admit the old 1 post poster reeks of spam, but anyway, do a search on here for Velocity trader or for Marks name as he has posted on here in the past. For awhile he was talking about his Dax trading.
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    I know Mark well. I doubt it's him or anyone "connected" with him pushing sales of his course. Probably the vender (if in fact the post was bona fide spam). Mark's a humble guy so without pissing him off I will say this Steve, he makes more money trading the Dax then any index trader on ET. The guy's like 25 or 26 and I'd guess he has lifetime earnings of a few mil.

    He'd be the first to admit that trading is an intuitive, instinctive exercise that's difficult to teach. I haven't seen his course but I'd suspect there's still some nuggets of added value in it.
  4. Here's a quick course for the DAX or anything else. If buyers are present, buy with them. Selling should work the same way but it's still being backtested.

    This course is only offered for a limited time, so act quickly.
  5. I told you there was a pony in there somewhere.:D

    Actually I have seen a couple of Mark's trading records. Not bad.

    The question is can he (or anyone teach) you now to get with the flow. That is a hard one to answer.

    and I have always wondered why someone like Mark would market any training system, when he can make money consistently (as you have pointed out). Do those few extra bucks really make that much difference? Or could it be that his edge is played out and this is the "clean up" move before he exits the scene.

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  6. He trades huge size in DAX.
  7. Thanks for all your replies guys, I somehow had the feeling that this Mark fella did not have much to do with this course.

    When traders start selling courses their time as traders has come to an end surely.

    Good trading guys.