Marxian-Socialism, rising?

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    Washington Consensus is dead in the International regime of so-called Neo-Liberal Globalization and I believe that it has been challenged by the tenets of 'Beijing Consensus'. Although I don't belong to the Marxian school of Economic thought but acting upon the observations happening around our Economic markets it is to be noted that there is a terrible intervention of the Governments in the Market. The intervention may sound as a 'heroic act' for some class but it leads to plenty of unemployment and austerity.

    To put an assertive argument, the model of State-controlled-Capitalism or say Marxist-Leninism have been recently applauded

    To put another, the Capitalism is in crisis due to Government regulations and unnecessary interventions. Therefore, leading to the rise of Marxism

    China and Brazil like nations have proven lifting of the absolute poor people to the relative arena. In some region of Europe, a Communist model deterministic through technical subject is being operated

    The recent events like 'Occupy .... Movements' have earned the 'Socialism' podium. What your say?
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    Yes, it is. This is a subject worthy of great attention and debate, largely because communist/socialist/fascist movements are born out of chaotic economic periods, which is the West is now entering.

    I think OWS is a manifestation of that growing discontent, rooted in the decline of employment, economic mobility, growing divide between rich and poor, and the domination of Government by banks and corporations. People on the street might not be able to articulate it, but they know they're getting fucked. As the situation deteriorates, the ranks of discontents will grow, and the calls for socialism, get louder and more shrill. Part of the collectivist mindset is really the product of Americas educational system, that serves little else, but as incubator for the liberal/socialist ideology. The "graduates" of that system are now squarely the majority demographic, and their "solution" to the growing crisis is predictable. In fact, they were programmed with it, at an early age.

    If the middle class were growing (instead of shrinking), and the ranks of wealthy becoming larger (not smaller, by number), many of the liberturds who reached success would be newly converted republicans. But because the masses are becoming more and more disenfranchised and impoverished by any metric, a proletariat "revolution" is becoming more and more likely. What's ironic, is that the exact policies the uber rich enacted (offshoring, speculative bubbles, ZIRP, bailouts), are exactly the policies that bankrupted the middle and lower class while skyrocketing the 1 percenters wealth. Asset inflation through currency debasement is a common weapon used to bankrupt the masses while simultaneously enriching the plutocrats. This is what's happening in America, albeit on a slower, longer timeline (think Titanic).
  3. In order to maintain stability in a big entity (like the USA) you need to be a little Marxist, a little communist, a little socialist and a little Keynesian, and a little libertarian, and a little capitalist, and a little Heyekish.

    Yes, it always drifts a little bit to the right or the left (usually at precisely the wrong time) but I wouldn't worry about it too much, we always end up in the center.

    More cause for concern is fascism, which is the one and only thing both the socialists and the libertarians agree on, in that is bad for the common man.
  4. what is fascism? That's when they take my tax dollars and give them to Exxon. It especially hurts when I happen to be personally invested in a competing company.

    And it aint just dollars, it really hurts when they write the laws to benefit them at my expense.
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    And that's exactly what America has - Corporations and Banks that run Government for their profit...
  6. I mean, I'm all for the GM bailout, I have bailed my kids out many times when they have gotten in a bad way, but I do think the poor guy working the line over at Ford should get a tax break, because apparently he was doing it right while the dumbshit over at GM was screwing up.
  7. yeah, I will agree with you on that, but what to do about it?

    Voting democrat or republican doesn't seem to be getting it anymore. Third party? maybe, but I don't think you are going to like the socialist compromises you will have to make with the other side that only agrees with you on one point.
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    Surely democracy has had it's day - around the world they are struggling to survive. And why ?

    It's patently obvious that the masses will vote for the party that gives them the biggest handouts, as in Greece where many used to have a dozen so called jobs, which were really handouts to attract votes. It was an unsustainable situation and collapsed.

    As much as I like the liberal do what you like ideas they have had a good run and come up woefully short, unfortunately.

    And who or what is winning - I regret to point out the 1 party states like China. But they need to keep winning for the increasingly rich citizens to put up with the State interference.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in the Arab Spring areas. Chucked out their greedy tyrants for what ?

    And for just how long can the planet survive the greedy capitalists who are felling the rain forests for mere money at an alarming rate. Poisining the oceans with chemicals, plastics ( the mid Pacific has an area the size of a small country of floating plastic rubbish ) and making the oceans so acidic shellfish will have gone extinct in only 100 years.
  9. yes, it really does portend more violence. We'll just settle it the old fashioned way and see who is stronger.
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