Marvel - Indicative of a resilient economy or global growth?

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    Marvel (nyse: MVL - news - people )'s "Iron Man" staring Robert Downey Jr. had a blowout opening weekend, earning $201 million in worldwide box office sales, pushing the company raise its outlook for the year and promised to release "Iron Man 2" in 2010.

    Is this an indication that the economy might not be as badly off as some would suggest, or conversely, would the opening have sold even more tickets had the economy been in a much better state?

    On the flip side, maybe global sales made up for the possible lackluster domestic numbers.

    Like it or not, it seems consumers still have a bit of disposable income to go through.
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    Ticket sales are down around 5-6% from last year, I wouldnt compare a great movie opening good for an economy. Dont think it makes a difference.
  3. I dont know but it was an awesome movie!
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    more like resilient ozzy osbourne