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    I am looking for info on any software that might be available for Zweigs signals. IE: supermodel. Web sites that provide Zweig signals would be of interest too. I have previewed Valideas use of Zweig as one of their Gurus.
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    can you say "has-been"? Wasn't he da bomb in the late 80's early 90's? Isn't he like dead or something?
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    I've heard good things about Zweig, and remember that wall street legends burn out just like small-account traders do.

    Take livermore for an example.
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    hey, has anyone heard of the turtle method?

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    Zweig and his friend Ned Davis were certainly among the most creative statisticians of their day. Zweig's book Winning on Wall Street details his most basic research. Certainly some stuff, like the 4% model, works best in a higher volatility environment. I'd say read the book and use it as a taking off point for evaluating your own ideas.
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  8. Last time I heard of this "has-been" he had listed his $70mm home in NYC for sale. That was last year.



    can't find much info on Zweig.

    what kind of trader is he? long term?
  10. As mentioned above AAII has a Zwieg screen. They also have software you can download for < $200 and get 1 year updates and continually see selections based on their interpretation of his strategy.

    Also.. has screens based on his strategy but is a bit more expensive.

    Finally, if you search for his name there have been some articles where people have built screens using the MSN screener.

    Interestingly for investing (not trading) purposes the Zweig screens over the last 5+ years have outperformed all the others (value screens, CANSLIM screens).

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