Marty Schwartz's Bond vs SP correlation

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  1. I remember reading in his book (which I lent away and will never get back) about his bond vs. SP trade....It was a trade that he worked daily for quite some time. If the bonds closed like this, he would do this in the SP (sic)..

    Can anyone explain the trade he was doing??

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    Look in a history book.
  3. Awesome..Thanks buddy.
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  5. Bond futures closed at 2pm Chicago. S&P's closed at 3:15. Schwartz would then monitor the 30 year Treasury's cash price on Cantor Fitz after the fut close. If bonds went bid Schwartz would buy Spoo's.
  6. Keep in mind that Schwartz was doing this during the first few years of the S&P contract during the early 1980's.
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