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  1. Why? Can you elaborate on the comment?
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    This forum is for POSITIVE feedback!
    Take your negative bullshit elsewhere please.
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    Personally its one of my all time favorite books. Not because of any methodology...I am sure that Marty has long since changed his exact trading methods (haven't we all?) as things quit working. The value of the book is in the autobiographical portion and the trading lessons he learned along the way. If I remember correctly he even mentioned in the book that he no longer used that bond close/SP trade. Once people figured it out, it was gone.

    I rarely read trading methodology books anymore other than maybe a quick skim of the table of contents over a latte at the book store. There is simply "nothing new under the sun", and certainly nothing new that is being published. I prefer books by traders about how they got where they are, and Pit Bull is the poster child for this type of book. I only wish there were more like it.

    If you are reading it to find a trading strategy then you will have the same opinion as BundMaster, which can just about be said of every trading book that gives a specific method. But in my case it it has nothing to do with that and more about seeing someone's success story. Its just a little bit of inspiration in a very tough business.
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  4. do you call it feedback to say something or someone is "full of shit".

    Like bro.......... what does that do for you?! Does it help you get rid of your self-hatred, or anger. More likley does it help you deal with your insecuriities and fears?! Is it ego talking. Do you do that with persons in your own life outside ET. i.e. say they're "full of shit" when you disagree with their efforts?!

    Personally I cannot understand how anyone with some modicum of intellect would bother giving a so-called "book review" with the meaningless and sophomoric comment that the author is "full of shit", or "regurgitated ROSO"; yet be unable to support these views with any sign of intelligence. Duh! Perhaps you don't value intellect! :eek: Like, why say anything. Why open one's mouth and allow people to know for sure what they always suspected, that you might be a fool. You could just keep quiet and at least 'appear' knowledgeable??! :p

    That kind of slang is the hallmark of a small thinker, perhaps one who does little thinking at all!! Or, perhaps you just don't want to bother articulating/communciating your opinions in some meritorious form such that others could benefit. Well now, what category does THAT put YOU in.... said unwillingness to support your views... ???

    ....insincere, phony, uncertain, weak, conflicted... OR perhaps

    .............full of sh*T!

    :p :p :p



    p.s. how do you like my critique of you, bro??! :p
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  5. C'mon guys. You are all welcomed here but please... no more pages of pissing contest. I don't want to see more people pulling out their dicks. Let's try to help each other here since we've been taking each other's money the rest of the time - not a healthy way to "trade" time...
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    Let me just say that I should be so "Full of S*it" that I make one-tenth the money that this guy (Marty Schwartz) has made. The making of the money is the measure of success and so far on this thread, I have not read anything that indicates that anybody has the chutzpa to deny that Marty Schwartz has made the money.

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    Well said, I agree, also, in his book Marty comes across as a really likeable and sympathetic person.
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  8. How can you possibly talk of respecting intelect when you start off with"Like bro".Like don't you think someone can,like,give a succicnt opinion,short and,like,to the point.Someone like you believes intelect derives from long-winded answers,like dude.
    It's difficult for you to hear someone disagree with you in such a short response.Grow up,Freshman,and,like,chill out dude.
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  9. I didn't say he isn't a good trader.I just didn't care for his book.i think he took ROSO and spun it into his own story.
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  10. Enough of the attacks. Anything else off topic in this thread will be deleted.
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