Marty Schwartz

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  1. Gary Smith said Marty might be one of a kind, because very few people can intra-daytrade and be successful.

    However, I do like a lot of his ideas in "Pit Bull" and find his real life story very motivating.

    If you trade a longer time frame, you can't use the same tools he does, such as the 10 day EMA.
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  2. I guess it's rather the 9 day MA.
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  3. Why not email him?
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  4. Can I find his email on the web?
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  5. Yes, why not? Or try his publisher.
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  6. toby400


    Baruch - what happened to your Forex journal - have you ceased publishing?
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  7. No, but I am not trading my system now. Trying new things. But I will keep you informed - later.
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  8. dbs119


    There was one startegy in Pitbull, that nobody is talking about..
    Marty looked at cash bonds prices around 4:00 ET, versus closes @ 3:00 Et for bond prices, to determine whether or not to go long or short SP500 at the close and close his position at the open the next day..
    Has anyone here experimented with this ,or not?
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    His mentor, gave him a pretty good advic right after the october crash in 1987.
    When you are about to puke, you'd better double your position.
    /i recite this from memory, so the quote is not exactly as it is in the book/.
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  10. Maybe we should all be horsetraders?
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