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  1. is it a mere coincidence that your name is also Marty ?

    wow ... how did you find this site and how come it has such

    an old interview still on file ?

    wonder if Marty still trades and if he still holds gold bullion

    hope his health is ok these days :)
  2. Yes, it is just a real coincidence :D I guess he still trades and has mellowed out a bit. Would you like to join the study group and reread the chapters in Pit Bull? I figure maybe we can do a chapter every couple of weeks.
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    I have his book and like his ideas. Have you started to put them into practice for yourself?

    Thanks for the link also.

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    According to Mohan, Marty passed away a few years ago?
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  6. Yes, I tried but not anywhere close to Marty's record. He is a true master. Actually, I just want to start a discussion group to go over the fine points in the book. Let me know if anyone interested. What who said Marty passed away? Can anyone verify that?
  7. I heard his wife died.. or was very sick.
  8. Pit Bull... excellent book! Funny and informative...
  9. The timing is good for bringing up the topic of T Theory. Terry Laundry has recently started posting basic lessons about his theories on his website. He is also doing new research.
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