Marty Schwartz wins again!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by uptik2000, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. OK, well just a quick little story.

    Yesterday my wife and I are at Saratoga Racetrack for a great day of wagering and drinking.

    After plenty of beers and a few winning tickets we're down by the winner's cirlce at the end of the 9th race when I spot the one and only Pitbull himself!

    I didn't bet on his horse, if I had noticed he owned it I would have.
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    Did you get a chance to talk to him. I would have tried.
  3. I didn't.
    I was going to try and tell him I liked his book and maybe get an autograph because I thought it would be funny to post on here.
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    I recently got Jack Schwager’s autograph on first Market Wizards book. He gave a good lecture in June at FXCM annual expo (my main reason for going there was to see him in person). I got a chance to chat with him for few min. He said, he has no plans for another wizard book in any foreseeable future.

    I would love to know how the traders did up to today.

    Loved “Pit Bull” read it without stopping into the night.
  5. Dude owns this filly Gorella, that just won Sat at Arlington. Very likely the best turf filly in the world.

    Marty is kicking ass.

    Gorella gallops in Beverly D.\

    With an explosive burst that is quickly becoming her hallmark, Gorella passed virtually the entire field in a single furlong and captured the 17th running of the Grade 1 Beverly D. at Arlington Park on Saturday.