Marty Schwartz radio interview

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  1. Hw wrote a very good book, "Pit Bull". A real classic.
  2. Is "Buzzy" still trading?

  3. Is the Pope still Religious, LOL
  4. I don't know. They killed the former one, did'nt they?
  5. opw


    It is a well kept secret that he isn't much of anything anymore...:D The pope that is.

    Marty Schwartz, I curious if he is still trading. His trading did not do much for his health... that much is clear if you read the book
  6. No, it was not his trading, it was his try på be a fund manager, and running with the top dogs, that destoyed his health. Don't ever manage others peoples money.
  7. And he's doing a bit of the horse racing business. I put some bets on one of his horses in Saratoga. I think it jumped the rail and ran down Union Ave...I don't remember ever seeing it cross the finish line.:D

    But "Pit Bull'' is still one of my favorite books.
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    i agree, i loved his book. it will get you pumped up....thats for sure
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