Marty Schwartz "Pit Bull" Book

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by gotta_trade, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. Last week I read the book entitled, "Pit Bull" by Marty Schwartz. It was a great read.

    Does anyone know what Marty Schwartz is doing now?

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    He is looking for you. He wants to train you, call him.

  3. last i heard, he was trading. this goes back a few months. I don't know him, but I know someone who does business with him.
  4. and he's part owner in some horses......he had one running up here in Saratoga last wasn't pretty.
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    It must be nice to have made all that money. The last I heard he had moved to Florida not to far from the other mkt wizard Linda Raschke.

    His book is a fun read, but his book on audio tape is just hilarious, much like David Letterman's comedy routine...
  6. His audio version is real similar to Cramer's audio version of "Street Addict". Both very entertaining, but, little usable information or ideas. GOOD book on Cramer from one of his former employees - "Trading with the Enemy".
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    Why not?
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    So his audio book is not like Pit Bull?
  9. A great book. And funny to read.