Martins Beach: Eminent domain hearing today

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    Wow, really complicated. He owns all of the beach except the tidal portion. The fact that for 70 years previous owner granted access really gums it up. This looks like a prescriptive easement and in the end I think the courts will make him grant access.

    We had a big stink here in VA with landowners claiming they owned a river. They claimed a "Crown Grant" and courts sided with them. When you float that section you can't fish it (they "own" the fish) and you can't wade as they "own" the river bottom.
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    He should have just left it open from day 1, use to party there in high school,now with all the publicity people know about it, it use to be somewhat secluded and a local hangout. The problem with the area and beach is it's cold and windy most of the year not like Southern California.
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    Easy for you to say... you don't own the f'n property.
    I'd build a wall. A big beautiful Trumpian wall. Keep all the high school dopes out.
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    I think there's a double wide on the property you can lease.
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    "Be it ever so humble".....
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    My prediction is that Khosla is going to get hammered yet again if he takes this to the Supreme Court, and the whole damn thing is going to end up being one big waste of time and money for him. His ego got the best of him on this one, and like the famous NY Times bestselling book is titled:

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    I don't know about that, it's bad precedent to allow the state to dictate how private property should be treated.

    I feel the city should've put an easement on the land if they felt so strongly about public access. What's the point of buying property if you can't use it as you will?
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