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    Gin for martinis.
  2. Interesting article. People waste a lot of dough on gin and vodka because of aspirational marketing campaigns. The Gordon's gin at $12 beat some that sell for three times that. Use the money you save to get some really big, nice olives.
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    Beer, before Shakespeare's time approximately, was not made with hops, it was made with assortments of bottanicals like Gin is. The hops were discovered to make it easier to be sure of getting a good batch every time so people went with hops, and much worse tasting and acting beer. Beer before that was a stimulant, that is why the legendary drinkers of the Viking age could drink for days straight. Beer was a health food too.

    I always liked Gin and am thinking of brewing up some Gruit, or old style beer... dang, Gin chased with Gruit.. I'm going to get this drinking thing right yet....
  4. Thanks for that article.

    I'm a gin lover and will be sure to try a few of those mentioned.

    yum yum.:D