Martin Zweig passed away...

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  1. I'm not suggesting he was a one trick pony because he was not but he had a core belief:

  2. he had a bunch of indicators such as interest rates etc, I forget as it was so long ago, he was quite successful. I think his son Jason is a pretty larger fund
  3. One of the real greats of the business. Rose to fame on the old Lou Ruckheyser show on public TV. Had a very decent newsletter.

    Hard to believe he died so young. He was a fitness fanatic and at one point had a lengthy streak of consecutive days distance running that he was very proud of.

    Damn. We lost a great one.
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    Is there any word on the cause of death?
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    try a search.
  6. My first book too. He taught me "The trend is your friend". I used to swing trade his closed end fund before there were personal computers, using Barons. Gosh trading was easy back then.

    Good god/ now I'm beginning to sound like Archie Bunker.

    So young. I though he was much older than that.:confused:
  7. I also learned alot from him. Also Stan Weinstein.

    Zweig's statement of "don't fight the tape" is probably one of my most important trading rules
  8. The thing about Marty was that he saw it as a ride ... not a battle. He didn't want you to fight the tape or fight the FED or swim against any of the big tides. And unlike many he said so plainly and often. He was not a guy looking to buy bottoms or sell tops. Smart guy.

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