Martin Schwartz, Vic Sperandeo et al

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  1. In case anyone is interested, there is a Web site containing audio interviews with the above captioned traders and several other market luminaries. The interviews were conducted in 1999. Although they are dated, you may still find the interviews to be interesting or at least entertaining.


  2. I worked for Victor Sperandeo from 1984-1985 as a floor trader on the NYFE trading stock-index futures.

    Vic was super generous, and you only needed to show just a bit of enthusiasm for him to make time for you!

    A Great Guy, and his library of books on technical analysis dated back to the early 1900's. . . It was simply unreal!

  3. once at a traders expo seminar

    he signed his book for me ... told me to be disciplined

    nice guy ...

  4. Maverick1


    He's one of the best teachers out there, I've learned tremendously from him. Highly recommend his books, get them and reread them.

    His 2B pattern is worth a lot, but more importantly his approach to market life expectancy profiles is invaluable.

  5. Thanks Thunderdog.

    Victor Sperandeo is one of my favorites. I use his rules for drawing trend lines and 1-2-3 changes of trend all the time.