Martin Schwartz talks about losing $25m Feb 2018

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ZBZB, Jan 1, 2020.

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  2. I love this guy. Seat of his pants.
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  3. Also very pissed I can't find this podcast off spotify (at least on Google play)
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    Have you got the Spotify app?
  5. Listening online anyway, but needed to sign up.
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    Thanks so much for posting, ZBZB.

    Marty Schwartz is my all-time favorite trader. This is the first I have heard him speak publicly since 2013. At 74 years old, I wish he would give more public interviews. The guy is the Wayne Gretzky of trading as far as I am concerned (in terms of self-made retail traders).
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    So, he short 14k put options but he didn't say if it was in crude oil market or the s&p.

    Why options and not futures?
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    So the BS in Pit Bull about his tape reading, etc. and the fool was simply shorting naked calls.
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    He changed strategies when he moved to Florida.
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    It was Feb 2018 when vol exploded in stock indexes.
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