Martin "Buzzy" Schwartz

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  1. What's he been up to lately. Anyone here know?
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    IIRC - there was an article on him in Trader Monthly in the last few months. Their website probably has some add'l info.

    While on the topic, anyone want to share the 'real' names of the people / firms mentioned in his book (like pharaoh, etc)?
  3. What's IIRC?
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    If I Remember Correctly.....
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  6. Thanks!
  7. The last I heard is Marty had some really good horses racing but I haven't heard anything more in many months..

    Anyone know how he is doing?
  8. I found this article in Traders Monthly (Daily) but have to log in to read it :(

    Do any of you subscribe to Traders Monthly?. If yes, do they sell your home mailing address to other publications and trading newsletters etc?
  9. So does anyone know if Buzzy has any good race horses at the moment?

    Or know what he is doing now?
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