Martin Armstrong's first out of jail writings

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  1. so whats the next rally according to him
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    I wonder what instruments will be tradeable [intraday volatility wise] during the collapse... maybe Forex as every government inflates their way in a race to the bottom? Index futs as the stock values go to zero? Will we able to outpace the inflation? I haven't given this enough thought yet..
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    Good post

    Politicians invariably believe their own propaganda and rhetoric. To keep going they fill their offices with YES men who tell them what they want to hear. As for the reality, not a problem the PR men say they can't lie their way out of ?

    I don't expect the general public to know which lot are telling the biggest lies, so it's up to trusting the political analysts. But who are they being paid off by ?
  4. He sees the DOW breaking new all time highs (in nominal terms!), AUD hitting 2$, gold reaching 5k, etc.