Martin Armstrong day is upon us

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  1. If my math is right, (2008.225= 366days*.225=82.35days which is Saturday March 22. Market closed Friday. Take your pick of tomorrow or Monday as being the next cycle date.
  2. Indeed it is.. any idea how to calculate the length and velocity of the move or do you just hold until the next cycle date?
  3. "Mup" recently put a chart of the Martin Armstrong Cycle up on the "Elliott Wave" thread down in the Technical Analysis Forum.

    Check it out!
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    MA's cycle dates only give a "turning point" in the markets, and it would reflect not just the exact date, but also the few days around the actual day (gold turn this week?). They don't provide information of length or velocity or even what market.

    Next cycle date after this one is April 23rd 2009.
  5. I suppose it could be the gold market but from what I've seen it's always surrounded the SPY's.
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    True, but the original thesis was for it to pertain to economic confidence, and in the past he used it to correspond to cycles in Japan and gold, as well as inflationary/deflatinary cycles. In the days when he was trading you would see it in the SPY mostly, as the S&P futures were his favourite tool to load up on during the cycle dates, and he would take some very substantial positions.
  7. Are you going to be taking a position Steve?
  8. I may pick up some SP futures tonight and add during the regular session tomorrow
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    From my reading of the following MA resource:

    my understanding is that 2008.225 would be classified as a cyclical (one-quarter) low in the context of a 4.3 year downtrend, which commenced on 2007.15.

    As students of MA may remember, 2007.15 was late February when Chinese equities took a massive one day dump, and some cracks started to appear in debt markets. I think 2007.15 was roughly the time that New Century blew up.