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    Has anyone used martial arts training to better their trading psychology skills? I'm reading a book about sports psychology, and the author refers to his training in Aikido in describing ways to get a psychological edge in sports. I was wondering if it could also be applied to trading...calming your mind, focusing concentration, etc.
  2. Have you ever thought that athletes train and pursue their ability in their own sports?

    You take a 400 pound guy who runs a mile in 30 min.. Are you going to have him take Aikido or are you going to make him lose weight so that he can run???
  3. Seems like there's always a book out expounding on how someone used the latest fad to improve their business/sports/trading skills.

    Personally I use the unstoppable Karate Kid crane kick candlestick technique in my trading. It is amazing. THERE IS NO DEFENSE!

    Look for the book at your favorite store coming soon. Followed soon after by my new Crane Kicker website. Only $99.99 per month.
  4. Training in the martial arts is a great way to learn about fear control. It teaches you to do what's best for you regardless of the situation. To remain calm when you're under attack. This is exactly the same as when the market is going against you. So in that sense, I think it is valueable.

    Beyond the market though, I think training in the martial arts is a great outlet and extremely rewarding, regardless of the benefit to other areas of your life.

  5. Well Jon Najarian used to be a football player. I guess he turned out to be fine.

    I take judo and olympic wrestling....but, it is more for stress and anger managment.

    Running helps a lot of people.

    Well, in my psychology class couple of weeks ago the professor said that if, you exercise at least 30min a day then your brian will get more oxygen in there, making your memories and functioning abilities more vivid.
  6. Martial arts are good in general. The "Art of War" Sun Tzu, could be applied to trading. Discipline is one of the great benefits of martial arts, plus being in shape helps you react better.:cool:
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    I have watched some trading videos my Richard McCall who is all about integrating Martial Arts thinking into your trading style. I found it very interesting. He also has a book called "The Way of the Warrior-Trader"
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    Found some unsettling stuff on this guy
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    Not good. Thanks for the link.

    I wonder what the result of the case was? Because he still has his site out there ( )and his books are still selling on Amazon.
  10. @Toonces,

    it's not the Martial Arts Training alone but also the understanding of the underlying Zen concept which helps to trade (nearly) without emotions.

    This little book written from ex floor trader Edward Allen Toppel (who died last year) shows this junction of Trading and Zen very good:

    "Zen in the Markets" (

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