Martha Stewart

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  1. Hey, who is with me here that the FBI, and the SEC have something better to do (like investigate market makers who do this shit all of the time).

    A measly 3000 shares of imclone that some sucker bought and it was his bad luck? Come on people. Somebody just doesn't like Martha's decor -- or doesn't like their momma.

    Seriously, think of all the time and effort it takes to write a 41 page indictment, and all of the hoops you have to swish to get it to the courthouse in the first place.
  2. Someone needs to stop her from making new shows. I'm glad it is the FBI.

  3. BullSpit!!! Throw the whore in jail!!!! if it was me or you we'd be in deep crap because we cannot afford to retain a million dollar attorney ...... and you know what? All she had to do was hang her head and be remorseful and say " i made a poor decision and im sorry"...BUT NOOOOO....This ego maniac Biatch actually started trying to cover up and hide evidence....Im sorry, but if we did that in a fed. investigation I'd be serving 6-18 months
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    What TM Direct says is true.

    But I think that many people do not like her because she is a big bitch and Im sure she has many enemies. It's also jealousy of her success and just her plain audacity to do what she did without even bothering to think that it was illegal. I bet she thought nobody would come after her since she is the almighty Martha Stewart.

    Throw her in cell block bitch.

    On a side note, anyone with money should never use Merrill Lynch brokers since it's obvious how stupid they are.

  5. She better know K1, UFC, boxing, wrestling and muff diving now, especially with the way they just threw the book at her buddy Waschal...Holy crap!...
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  7. What was really terrible about MS is the fact that there was not much money at stake, that she drove hard for inside information because she didn't want to be a bagholder.

    After her broker Peter Bacanovic told her (illegally) that Sam the Wak sold all his shares in his Merrill account (the asshole actually opened a Merrill account so he could operate with Bacanovic)
    MS called Sam Waksal and left this message:

    "Martha Stewart. Something is happening with Imclone and she wants to know."

    She was more concerned about being left out as the insiders rushed for the exit doors.

    The capital markets are designed to permit capital formation for business purposes, but with this they serve as a vehicle to transfer wealth out of the pockets of the multitudes and into the hands of entrepreneurs, often through deception, cheating, and insider trading.

    The prosecutors know that Martha has acted with unbridled greed, arrogance, hubris. They want to knock her off her perch and few will defend her.
  8. What she did was wrong, but there are plenty of bigger fish to fry. They are using her as an example, because she is well known. Similarly, Waksal is getting 7 years in prison, but there aren't any threads named after him here.

  9. What she did was ILLEGAL....forget wrong.....SHE tried to cover up and she also is supposedly on tape tryign to make up a story with the broker.....Put her saggy old ass in jaiL!!!!! then maybe more and more of these clowns will play by the rules that they swore to play by....again, if you did this you would be facing big time in the big house...The Fed's are even going after her for completely LYING in her NY Times full page ad,,,,,she is a dumb ass
  10. Allright, get the other fish and include her in the next paella dish.

    Serve it up to the public. Ask her for a recipe.
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