Martha Stewart Indictment

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  1. What a dumbass- trying to save a few measly thousand when she has millions by crooked insider trading. I can't believe that she has the nerve to plead not guilty. Well, maybe she will make a good bitch for some burly woman in jail.......At least she knows how to spruce up a jail cell and make it "feel like a country home in the mountains...."
    short MSO......
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    And urge all the stockholders to vote her out at the upcoming meeting.

    Even then, she gets a golden parachute if they do.
  3. she's an ass...

    what did she sell for?? $15?

    IMCLE closed yesterday at 33.50
  4. MS recently commented about the upcoming indictment by saying,
    'it is not a good thing.

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    Anyone who thinks a person of her wealth, with the team of lawyers she's got, will go to prison is kidding themselves. On top of it she's female, and in the USA we don't like to see women in jail.... unless they come from a trailer park. Bung, I think her plea of innocence is based on having instructed her broker to sell if it got below $60.
  6. was she indicted for insider trading or obstruction of justice? The latter, which is the same charge Frank Quattrone is facing, is potentialy more serious and very likely to result in at least symbolic jail time.
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    What about Ebbers , he is still living the good life. Martha didn't rip off billions.
  8. Martha's hot (for her age)... we shouldn't send her to jail... its a waste and doesn't make economic sense (think of the millions she pays to the IRS when she's not behind bars... these millions can be used to pay for the jailing of real criminals)... jail should be reserved for dangerous society drop-outs and terrorists... I agree with Magna: hopefully Martha's great team of lawyers will make sure she isn't thrown into jail to be surrounded by scum...
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    Did you guys see the made for TV movie on Martha Stewart the other night? Besides that it was terrible, it cast her in a bad light for sure.....especially with her being in a stock scam before, you would think she would be extra careful?:eek:
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    There will be some sort of punishment - it's become far too public for the typical slap-on-the-wrist treatment. Wall Street knows the public currently has a dim view of the various shenanigans, they need to restore some trust to continue the fleecing of the average investor.
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