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  1. newmarket


    Martha Sipe trades options with your money not hers . I was wondering if anyone has lost or made money with Martha Sipe.
    She lost me quite a bit and I know few other people who lost with her as well. It is a fraud or just simply bad advice what she does. Her mind over the matter is a big BS. Do not fall for that BS. Unproven! It might sound good but it is all BS. She will loos all your money. Stay away from her that is my advice to who ever reads this post.
    Good luck!
  2. Carl K

    Carl K

    My hope is that education you received didn't cost you to much.
    Many of us, in the fullness of time, have learned this lesson and many other lessons as well.

    One of my favorite sayings, "Wisdom does not come with youth".
    I learned "If you have the responsibility, you must have the control."
    A problem develops when they get separated.

  3. newmarket


    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for your support. Unfortunately you have people like Martha Sipe who will take advantage of people's trust. One has to know when to stop others from taking them on the disastrous path. She did not care that she got paid and lost us a lot of money with her advise . There are people like her out there and one has to be aware of that fact. One has to be always alert for this kind of people trying to learn not with their money but with yours . Sort of experiment.
    People like Sipe will be trying to run these kind of services where they want to be in control of your money with no responsibility for it. People like her have been in business for many years and have figure out how to trick you into it. Sipe has 30 years in industry and so knows how to set it up. They set it up that if they loose your money there is no real harm to them and at the end they even make money from you. Those are a trading advisers who should not be advising or doing anything with the business of trading and investing. She should be writing a check to us for the money she lost us.
    I just want to spread the word to be aware of her and others like her.
    Have a great 4th of July
  4. spindr0


    "There's a sucker born every minute" - PT Barnum
  5. newmarket


    that sure sucks !
    but what is great that i can put out the word so there are no more suckers buying into Martha Sipe trading model since it does not work
  6. she reminds me of a girl i did an adult movie with about 12 years ago. although the girl in my movie was much better looking.
  7. newmarket


    I am writing about her not to disrespect her in any other way than what she deserves.
    Trough her advise she blew a lot of peoples money and they even payed her for it. That is shameful. I am putting out word of worming for others not to fall for her sales pitch and tactics like we did. That is all. I hope that this message will help some to stir away from her and from others like her.
    If anyone wants to get help or advise they need to be real careful from whom they are taking it and how much they are paying for it.
    Her results can not be proven; it is all talk and on paper only. If you are going to pay someone thousands of dollars for some help please make sure that you talk to someone who has been client of that person and not just one. They should have no problem provide number of people as a reference. You can not just believe what they put on their website or what they tell you. They have it all well thought out and put out to look as real but the real money has not been traded. They have to trader their own money with their model and for a long time not just for a month or so. If you find someone reputable they will have years of published data and many subscribers to prove it. If they do not then forget it. I can do the same and do it for free on my blog as well.
    Good luck.