martha mccullum

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  1. this bitch went to the darkside, aka foxnews.
    she's a palin's supporter.
  2. I hope that someone slits your throat and drinks every bit of blood out of your detestable horse shit eating body until your emaciated corpse is picked clean by vultures.

    Respectfully of course.
  3. hughb


    Your problem is that you don't know how to express yourself. You need to open up and let it out. Don't be so shut down.
  4. I know hug. Dr. Malfi has suggested that me and one of her patients named Tony S. sit in jointly and work on some stuff. :)
  5. Lucrum


    Eat any good horse shit lately?
  6. both of ya mamas must be rolling in their graves at the pet semetery at your languages.
  7. I love Martha McCallum. Only good thing ever on CNBC.

    Five kids she's got. It's gonig around, five kids.
  8. All I know is that she's babe-o-licscious...

    Major babe,
    beyond beautiful.
  9. If I was married to her she'd be birthing every few weeks.:)
  10. crackers, she's too old.
    her pussy already too stretched out.
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