Martha gets off

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  1. Martha got off. MSO rips. I’m thinking MSO can be a nice swing to high 15's. Any thoughts?
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    She's only got off the utterly ludicrous "securities fraud" charge. The judge quite correctly decided that "no reasonable person" could find her guilty on that charge.

    The other charges are still there and will IMO go to jury trial.

    Btw, the judge's decision implies that the none of the government prosecutors legally qualifies as a "reasonable person". On the basis of his decision, the entire prosecution should be fired immediately from their taxpayer-funded jobs, since they are clearly "unreasonable persons" in the eyes of the law, and thus not competent to practise law and prosecute cases on behalf of the public.
  3. Good points Cutten. The securitues fraud count was ridiculous and obviously designed as a bargaining chip. As I understood it, they were claiming she defrauded holders of MSO stock by claiming she was innocent of wrongdoing in the IMCL matter.

    Out of control prosecutors at all levels of the justice system are a big threat to liberties. Too often they are more concerned with getting a "win" than actual guilt or innocence. It is a tough pill for law and order conservatives to swallow, but there are entirely too many cases of prosecutorial wrongdoing, withholding exculpatory evidence, putting on dubious testimony that was secured by plea bargains,etc.
  4. not sure how it would have worked out

    but he was saying to buy some otm calls / puts

    so either way you might have profited
  5. I was looking for input on the stock play. Any opinions on the play?
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    MSO is a gamble right here, could easily pull back after this news. But I'm not bearish on the stock, looks good so far.
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    It was a bogus charge by a prosecution that knows zero about markets. Just look at the MSO chart and you will see it is not affected at all by her lies. So how can she really believe she was manipulating the stock by lying?
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    That ruling was obviously coming from the day she was charged with it. I think they did hold it over her as a bargaining chip. But now that it's been thrown out, that should boost the moral of the defense, and maybe make the prosecuters look like jerks in the eyes of the jury, so that they'll take whatever the prosecution now puts forth with a grain of salt.

    cutten: I love your logical conclusion!
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    Is there some hidden message in the title of this thread ? ......
  10. Obstruction charges will stand, and she'll get convicted and do time, imo.

    Judge threw out the other charges, big deal for her, but doesn't prove the prosecutors incompetent. The judge made a ruling within his power.
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