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    Answer: Less that the likely total aggregate cost of the 'bailout,' yes, in today's dollars.

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    Putting Things Into Perspective: The Bailout

    The government is adding to the bailout tab almost daily, and no slowdown is in sight. The total cost of equity infusions for financial institutions, guarantees and lending facilities to date is estimated anywhere between $4 and $8 trillion, depending on which programs are included in the count. The following chart shows some of the biggest ticket items in the US budget over the last 200 years, adjusted for inflation (i.e. in today’s dollars).

    Below is the same chart, this time including the 2008 / 2009 bailout package (using the most conservative end of the range with an estimated total cost to date of $4.3 trillion). For reference, the total cost of World War II to the US was roughly $3.6 trillion.

    Remind me why people are still talking about “deleveraging”?

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