Marshall J. Jones, Daytrader: August 31, 1935 to Nov. 9, 2007

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  1. Published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on 11/18/2007:

    Marshall John Jones, 72, of San Diego, passed away in his home,
    Friday, November 9th, surrounded by his wife and family, who loved
    him dearly.

    Born in El Centro, Marshall moved with parents, Marshall and
    Juanita, to San Diego. He attended Hoover High School and briefly
    Rosemead High school where he graduated, and shortly after entered
    the Army as a Paratrooper. After the service, he started a family
    with his wife Helen and soon took over his father's printing firm,
    Acme Printing Co. He was a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce,
    Lion's Club, Elks, Kiwanis and Masons.

    His printing experience was sought by Joyce Nemeth and together,
    developed and marketed a removable Tattoo decal called Tattoos by
    Joyce. Afterwards, Marshall returned to the printing industry
    managing Paper Plus in El Cajon.

    When he retired, Marshall took up another passion, day-trading,
    and wrote a manual called Simple-As-1-2-3 putting it on his website
    where he taught his wonderful students from around the world.

    Marshall was a devoted husband to Helen for 48 years, a dedicated
    family-man, and a loyal friend. He will be greatly missed and
    lovingly thought of with every sunrise.

    Marshall is survived by his sister Marlene, wife Helen, daughters
    Renee, Sharon, Darlene, sons Marshall and Michael, sons-in-law
    Greg and Frank, and grandchildren, Joey, Frankie, Ryan, and Colette.

    Memorial Service: 1:45 p.m. sharp on November 26th, Fort Rosecrans
    National Cemetery, SD. Procession meets at flagpole entrance with
    escort to gazebo. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Sharp Hospice
    Care or American Cancer Society.

    If you would like to, please sign the guest book

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    God bless Zzzzzzzzzzz.

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  4. I always has my suspicions that he did. Why else would you choose to be so confrontational about so many topics? Guess this was his bizzaro world.

    Rest in peace ZZZzzzzzzz and thanks for serving your country!
  5. Ok, I'm lost. What does this obituary have to do with ZZZzzzzzzz? :confused:
  6. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

    he is not really dead...he will rise again with another alias!



  8. Knowing Zzzzzzz he sold his alias prior to passing, one never knows.

  9. I doubt that obit is Z's.

    Starting with the most obvious: He posted two day's ago!

    2. Although he guards his personal info (to a degree), he's stated several times that he graduated from Berkeley. Also he frequently mentions his divorce.

    Z=Paratrooper? LMAO.

    Nice try though......
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