mars closest to earth in 60,000 years

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  1. Gee... Mars can always be seen with the naked eye and not only once every 60,000 years. That is as long as its position on the sky relative to the Sun allows for this-if it's too close you cannot see it because of Sun's brightness. It's a relatively bright object.

  2. Might start looking even more like it in years to come:

    Oil on Mars
  3. dude...

    when i said mars can be seen with the naked eye, i wasn't saying now is the only time you can. i just said that so people would know they don't need a telescope or something.

    yes, you can see mars at other times, but you can definitely see it very easy right now because it is "close." even someone who is new to this stuff can look in the sky (in the right direction) and find it immediately.
  4. Well, not correct again. It's not as bright as you seem to imply. You see, when the sky is cloudy you will not see it. I just thought that adding this information would help in case someone took you too literally. :D :cool:
  5. not correct again? i wasn't incorrect once and i'm not incorrect twice. not one thing i said in this thread is incorrect. what is with you trying to correct me? obviously you'll have trouble seeing something in the sky if there's a huge cloud there. duh!

    it is so bright, i had forgotten about this 'til tonight when i went running. i saw an unusual bright object in the sky and i remembered hearing that mars was "close." i knew it was in the southeast and when i checked on the internet, sure enough, mars would be in the southeast for me at night.
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