Married puts / conversions

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  1. Any new strategies out there to short stocks? Are any firms using conversions or any other derivative poduct that works like a married put?
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    I hear that Bon Trade is working with a provider to make an alternative to bullets available to traders on their system. I am using their platform now and their telling be that by the end of January something should be available. :D

  4. I'm sure it will last a week. Maybe you didn't quite understand the rules. They don't want people to short on down ticks. Very simple and straight to the point. If you try to go around the rule they will shut you down. Simple.......
  5. Who is Bon Trade?
  6. I would not be betting on that ...
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    Don't mean to sound crass, but....

    Anyone that knows about what is coming should not be coming to ET and blab about it to a bunch of "traders" that have made it clear in previous posts that 90% of these people have a grudge against the traders that used them. I hope that those that know what I know will KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT. Until people on ET can act like traders, and not investors, lets keep this one to the pro's.
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    wasnt their meeting on tues?
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    Well then you losing the bet. The SEC clearly stated that they will crack down on anyone going around the uptick rule. Just accept it and learn how to trade.

    It's nowhere worth the risk of trying to scalp shorts at all anymore. Even with bullets, the strategy was barely profitable for the last 8-9 months. And depending on a loophole to make money only sets you up for failure when that loophole is gone.
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    Bon Trade Solutions is Direct Access Technology company providing execution platform for active traders please visit

    Yes we are working with a provider who has structured a product under the rules to replace married puts/conversions.
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