Married man’s death during sex on business trip ruled a ‘workplace accident’

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    Yes, the French have a mature attitude to sex, unlike the prudish Americans.
  3. Yes indeed.

    In fact Americans were lectured for years by the French and still are about our attempts to prosecute Roman Pervertsky. The argument being that Americans are just puritans who are not accepting of more casual sexual practices as the sophisticated French are.

    Just to revisit the facts for a minute as a little refresher:

    Roman Polanski drugged a 14 year girl with qualudes in Los Angeles and then raped her anally in the swimming pool. Just what all French parents would be okay with, we are led to believe.

    He keeps on getting those Hollywood Awards though- even in the metoo era. Because, hey, if America is not hip, Hollywood is.

    Pervertsky then fled the country after it became unclear whether his alleged plea deal was going to hold up with the new judge.
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