Marriage will ruin your

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  1. Loki


    wallet and life. ( If you are a succesful male and make good money. )

    Marriage is ok only for suckers and poor men who can only afford fat women.

    Is there a good reason to marry ?
  2. You can thank the lib-tard feminists for that one. Now every cunt with an attitude thinks she is liberated... what a crock

    And it's spreading everywhere not just to Europe....
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    Very funny website.

    "Women: They aren't insane. They are infinitely selfish and manipulative, and incredibly clever about disguising their manipulation. They think that men are just tools to use and discard as needed.
    It just SEEMS like insanity to you, when you see the wild fucking weird shit that they pull on you. In reality they are busily manipulating you, doing crazy shit to throw you off balance and confuse you, so you won't see through their bullshit."

    My comment:
    I have to say, many women talk way too much about trying to get men to act and feel a certain way. It's really boring. I am not one for those circles of conversation. I will say I think most people should not tie their lives together. Marriage is for the very lucky few who are very good for each other. People do it for all the wrong reasons. Mainly money and I've seen some really naughty, male gold diggers.

    Not bitter....just a free spirit who is aggravated myself sometimes.

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    For you, no.
  5. Loki


    kandlekid, what is your good reason ?
  6. LOL! What a hilariously stupid site.
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    Hello Moderators...

    I had this thread under economics because it really really has to do with economics.

    Any reason why you switched this thread under "chit chat" ? I think you are underestimating how powerful and dangerous this institution is and how really messes up a lot of men. Marriage has to do a lot with money and more people should be aware of this. Would you please consider move the thread where it belongs ?
  8. Chit chat carries an unspoken disclaimer.

    If ur thread is off topic with regards to trading, or it is not PC it will go to chit chat. is mysogynistic.

    Elite Trader is a mainstream business, and cannot allow itself to act as an implicit sponsor to those views, IMO.
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    My dog gets all the girls :(

    Incredible. He would be James Bond if he were a human being.
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