marriage problems as a trader

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  1. bat1


    wife thinks if I lose it all they will be coming for
    the house and she wants a Divorce.

    something to think about as a married trader on


  2. congoboy


    save some money, and then trade. it's not worth losing a wife who is standing by your side. or get money from friends who you dont have to repay( cost=rel. with friends).
  3. jtnet


    thats why you always set a stop loss before you get married

    ie. PRENUP
  4. sumosam


    Tough when your spouse does not support you in your endeavour. I have a close relative who is terrified of what I am I only tell her when I make money.

    :D :D
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  5. BAT - Read Adriennes Toghraie's books.

    They are the best on this type of issue.
  6. She's a gem, I highly recommend her ... I wouldn't recommend anything unless doing it myself.
  7. ...So, about the time you told me to skydive with a disassembled hang glider instead of a parachute and try to put it together before I hit the ground....
  8. pkts


    I guess she'll find some way to forgive you if you end up banking huge in your trading :)

  9. LMAO :p , seriously though, my ex didn't quite believe when I told her I was very very serious about the trading ... that's why she's my ex.

    When we talked recently and I told her that I'm looking forward to a pretty good year her women's mo-ni-ntuition sure did perk up though, now didn't it! :D

    Hope the OP has better luck.
  10. Tell her to take a hike and get a dog. You can kick the dog and it won't care much.
    I kick my goonie goo koo dog every day.
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