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  1. Marlins!!!

    Goodbye Roger!!

    :) RS
  2. FINALLY, we have a series! The first 3 games put me to sleep...

    GO YANKS!!!
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    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY.......You gotta love it.....MARLINS HAVE HEART.....
  4. Really irritating, Marlin pitchers having the damndest time. Should Beckett have been left in longer in Game 3?. Where was Urbina's stuff last night?
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    yes he should have been left or they should have pinched in his place..considering they had man on first and third and he was up to bat ( they took him out next inning )......but hey; we shouldnt be here in the first place.....Urbina is the man; nuff said....

    CMON...tonight is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
  6. Urbina blows donkeys. Looper is the man... gets the Marlins out of a bases loaded jam, thus saving their hopes in the series.

    What the hell was he thinking? 5 straight fastballs!!?? How stupid. You know that if he missed with a fastball after the second one that Sierra was going to nail it. Ruben's a truly professional hitter... always comes up big in the clutch. Once he times a pitcher it's over. The scouting report had to have told Urby and Pudge something.

    Sure hope the Marlins win tonight... if not, I don't think they have a chance. Unless we can get Bartman to suit up as a Yankee fan and sit along the short porch for games 6 and 7:D
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    Need I say more.....the team no-one wants to see win; making all you niggas ( please, dont make this racial ) eat donkey dick for supper...Just please make sure you take it all the way in.....

    URBINA is the think you can do better??? please dont judge him on one game alone.....
  8. Goddamn Wells should spend more time working out in the offseason with Clemens and Petitte instead of drinking beers, eating burgers and badmouthing other teams.

    I still like our chances with Pettite on Saturday at Yankee Stadium. We'll need some help from the Ghosts of Yankees Past on this one.

    We've gotta unload Giambi, swingin' Soriano and Aaron Boone...

    Maybe the Marlins will take a trade for Beckett!

    GO YANKS!!!!
  9. I couldn't do better, but 5 other pitchers on the Marlins staff could. Talk about walking the tight rope... Bernie missed a tying homer by 5 feet, so I don't think that Urby has closed the door on anybody this series. As long as the Marlins have a 4 run lead heading into the 9th, I feel pretty good about their chances:D

    I still predict that the Yankees will win it all. It'll be cold, the fans will be going crazy... but I HOPE the Marlins win. I can't stand the buying of championships.
  10. What was that one of the announcers said in Game 1? The Yankees have a $163 million payroll and the Marlins are about half that.
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