Markopolos v. SEC for Madoff world championship. SEC wins by KO in 9th year.

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by wilburbear, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. agpilot


    Hi wilberbear: Thanks for the link. A shame there are so few that will listen to good people like Markopolis... ag.
  2. Gee... sounds like NObama and his birth certificate fraud... Getting the SCOTUS to "look the other way" should be an even bigger deal... :mad:
  3. LOL, the bigger the fraud the less people care.
  4. Well then, we shouldn't be surprised when we all of our personal guarantees of liberty and respect for private property are flushed down the toilet. :mad:
  5. We are already done. Putting a guy in the white house who is not even a citizen saids it all.
  6. Not like George Bush had any respect for the 4th Amendment.
  7. You guys still looking for a way to get around the will of the people? So desperate that you have to spew your stupidity every place on this board?
    You could all get together and live on some island in the Bahamas, put together a nice little dictatorship where y'all could decide to make any ol' arbitrary person leader.
    Meantime, leave us to our republic. We like it.