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  1. Ok now all you ET big shots that post how great they can compete for real and EARN your bragging rights.

    Lets see who's for real and who's a poser !!!

    To make it clear I have NO affiliation with this site I just received and email and thought it was a cool way for all the big shots in ET to FORMALLY show there stuff. :p

    Try and sign up under the same name you use in ET, if you can :D
  2. 2 of the 6 links throw exceptions. The contest sign up page wants my CC #. The accounts page says coming soon.

    This is a joke right?
  3. simonee


    I think the "big shots" are busying making money.
  4. I don't know I haven't signed up yet myself I just got spammed with it this morning.

    I'm on Trading Markets mailing list they usually sell out thier lists to these kinds of vendors and I don't know anything about the company so be careful.
  5. I was hoping this was like one of the free Forex trading contests but with Index futs BUT on second review it looks a little cheesy now.

  6. pctrader


    I have finished 2nd yesterday (preliminary result) under the name Dow Jones (i didn't think about using pctrader,sorry). It is with PFG ( and the platform was very stable. I'll let you know if I received the check.
  7. Congratulations to pctrader / Dow Jones! Please DO let us know whether the payoff actually occurs.
  8. pctrader


    I've received an e-mail to confirm my second place and they also call me to confirm. Very professional. They are sending the check. I find that it is a very good place to test our skills against other traders. Here is the link . Good luck.
  9. Mock trading [competitions] define the poseur. Is any software[keylogger] required? :p
  10. nkhoi

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    in the last contest, the software was buggy, order was stuck, quote was frozen, but they act like nothing happen. So when their salesman called I let him had it, he haven't called back.
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