Marketsurfer's Stock Of The Week--FDS

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  1. Information is the lifeblood of the world economy. No where is this more self evidence than in the financial industry. Every decision from the central banks down to where one decides to open a checking account is information driven. The society has quickly made the transition from an industrial production based structure to one based on data, information, and creation. The founders of our featured company this week saw the trend early in its inception building a firm to provide data and information to the data critical financial industry. The company is Factset Research Systems FDS. They were just upgraded to a 7 Long Term Power Rating and recently announced healthy fiscal 3rd quarter results.

    Factset Research produces research and products for the financial professional. They offer solutions for almost every aspect of the financial industry from capital markets and private equity to investment management to banking. The firm is a one stop shop for a complete set of tools from analytical platforms and data to research and publishing. In other words, they enable the user to conduct financial research at the most sophisticated level. The company has become a leading provider of financial data and analytics to investment professionals worldwide. The firm started in 1978 when founders Howard Wille and Charles Snyder had the foresight to leave their Wall Street jobs to start a company focused on computer based financial analysis. Through a series of acquisitions developments and international expansion, the firm just celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2008. In fact, 2008 was their 28th straight year of revenue growth with a 21% increase in revenue and an EPS gain of 17%. The company has continued to perform in 2009 with fiscal 3rd quarter showing a 5% revenue growth and a gain of 22% EPS. They also upped their guidance into the 4th quarter 10%. Technically, shares have been uptrending since July 12th after putting in a double bottom on the daily chart. Price is above the 200 and 50 day SMA’s but appears to potentially be hitting resistance at $55.00/share.
  2. Add this to your sequence of random predictions, such as gold will go to to $600+, the market will not dip below 7777 and numerous others...
  3. I don't see any predictions above. what are you talking about?