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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JoePaterno, Oct 22, 2010.

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  1. corelove - he occasionally puts links to his blog, which URL starts with Marketsurfer, so ...
  2. Joe


    He's been banned.
  3. just curious why are you a snitch? what do you get out of it?
  4. "kill the sunshine" ---> applicable alias...
  5. you help baron police his site, i just wonder what you get out of it? if you can't pay your electric bill would baron pay it for you? baron is a millionaire. what do YOU get from it?
  6. do a little history check on what happened on misc.invest.futures (and similars) on the old Usenet (now owned by Google), and you may appreciate what happens when spammers are not challenged constantly on trading forums.

    if it bothers you, then as above, you have an applicable alias, and are more clueless than I give you credit for.

  7. I repeat his auditing question, SNITCH, "what do you get out of it?"

    Not one constructive post EVER, just attacks on people who DO post analysis. And YOU are reporting people to the the chief?

    She wasn't what one would call pretty.
    And other girls offered her pity.
    So nobody guessed,
    The Paterno test,
    Would involve half the men in the city.
  8. lol

    i'm not being accusatory just wondered why people do it :)
  9. Hi Baron,

    Just a heads up...ET seems to be hanging when loading this am.
  10. As opposed to your senility thread, labeling people to put on ignore, such as lescor, who has perhaps 100 times the trading acumen of yourself, or did you forget that you said you put me on ignore?

    As to snitch, perhaps you are right. There should be no witnesses, no police, no criminal laws, no patent protection, no attempts to prevent copyright infringement, no attempts to prevent spammers from emailing millions, there should be no terms of service, no attempt to block people from

    In other words, you are apparently as much an imbecile as KTS.

    I will save you the effort, I will put you on ignore, so you can prattle without having to worry about finding someone else to help introduce logic or intelligence into your posts.
    #10     Oct 25, 2010
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