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    Candle ;can you get another link [non geocities]like marketsurfer did for a cool picture.:cool: ???

    For a low tek link ,clicked on cover of Active Trader mag,4/03
    Favorite author in Bollinger Capital Management library is Jack Schwager.
    All 3 top trader [Jack Schwager ] & tek anaylsis book are amoung the most useful.

    Had to use magnifying glasses to see Schwager name on cover of Active Trader.

    The plans of the diligent tend only to advantage-Solomon, Trader king
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  2. Hawker


    Nice lcd set up. That's my ideal trading station. 4 lcd in a stand and a solitaire one just with the trading platform.
    But DUuuuDE... How can you focus in your monitors against the window light ? That's harmful to your eyes.
    Be careful.
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  3. hawker,

    yeah, sometimes i close the blinds. normally it does not bother me however.

    thanks ,

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  4. When Genius Failed-The Rise and Fall of Long Term Capital Management.

    Timequake-Kurt Vonnegut My copy is autographed:)
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  5. great books ! cool about vonnegut autograph ! i read slaughter house 5 in 6th grade. talk about mind blowing to a young lad.

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  6. mojo59


    Hi Market Surfer,

    Based on your list I think you might enjoy, "The Way of the Warrior Trader" by Richard McCall. It truly helps a trader prepare for the market each day psychologically and emotionally. McCall is a psychologist/martial arts instructor/trader who presents excellent ideas in an easy to read fashion. Cya.
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  7. thanks mojo, i'll check it out.

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  8. damir00

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    read 2,3,4,6,10,11. others that had big influence on me were:

    inevitable illusions - piatelli-palmarini
    when genius failed - lowenstein
    reminisces of a stock operator - lefevre
    manias, panics and crashes - kindleberger
    mind children - moravec
    spy in the house of love - anais nin

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