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  1. I am getting this:

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    Maybe you need to set permissions on it or something?
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  2. I agree... Pit Bull was one of the few books which had me totally fixated.. it was tough to put down... in particular, chapter 8 (about his participation in the trading championships) and chapters 13-17 (the formation of his Sabrina Fund through to its dismantlement) were particularly awesome...
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  3. Definitely. I felt like meeting the guy after reading this book :D

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  4. Yeah, that was a great read. I wish there were more books like that one.
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  5. candle,

    brother, i am unable to access the link also. thanks for the tip on pit bull. i will most def. check it out.


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  6. OK there is obviously a problem at my end... I will try and put it up on a tripod site in a few minutes...
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  7. I think The Great Game is another essential book and a really fascinating read. And for $11 you can't go wrong.
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