marketsurfer's must read books

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  1. i highly rec. these tomes :

    1. techgnosis--davis

    2. education of a speculator--niederhoffer

    3. tao of physics--- capra

    4. fooled by randomness--taleb

    5. winner take all--- gallacher

    6. against the gods-- bernstein

    7. envy---schoeck

    8. 500 year delta---wacker

    9. on power-- de jouvenel

    10. market wizards--1 and 2 schwager

    11. atlas shrugged--- rand

    12. the 48 laws of power--greene

    these books changed my life when combined as a design for living......

    enjoy !!

  2. did you ever read any Jack Hershey books?

    " How to trade in ten million words or less"


    " How to get kicked off ET and still have people talk about you"

  3. never heard of him.

  4. corvus


    Read #10 & #11, reading #4, would like to find a copy of #2, no one has it locally.
  5. corvus


  6. Thanks for the dead link. But I did like your flash thing on your homepage.
  7. Link isn't dead... at least, it works for me... click it and wait a moment to download the pic...
  8. I just finished reading Pit Bull by Marty Schwartz and really enjoyed the book.

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