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Discussion in 'Politics' started by WDGann, Jan 29, 2003.

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  1. Please don't erase this.

    I'm seriously looking for anyone who got hold of this trading manual.

    Marketsurfer's being a freagin' A-hole so I'm going to ask if any past and present surf fans got hold of this.

    Serious post...
  2. nitro


    Was it something surf sold once?

    nitro :confused:
  3. Was that the name of it? "Lexicon" ??

    Maybe it's available on Mr. Goodboy's site:

    I'm only guessing.
  4. It's supposed to be something that he wrote a few years ago before he was in ET. Some kind of manual he wrote when he started his fund...
  5. Are you seriously calling Surf a freagin' A-hole?
  6. like a 'butthole surfer' u mean?
  7. nkhoi


    first sarasota, now marketsufer what went wrong, please elaborate :confused:
  8. wdgann, you're smart enough to figure out sufer's system aren't you? did you need the pyrapoint book to see what was going're self-taught aren't you? i thought you were a genius? so why would you need sufer's manual? plus, i don't think anyone would be willing to share the manual with you by calling surfer an a-hole. high school drop out primadonnas like yourself should learn some manners.
  9. LOL...
  10. 1. Thanks for calling me smart.

    2. Pyrapoint is a nice methodology.

    3. Thank you for calling me a genius.

    4. I need surf's manual to further my skills.

    5. I'm sure I am an A-hole, too.

    6. Manners? What's a manner? Please define manners... And after you define it, please ask yourself... is it your belief that you live under or a subjective belief.
    #10     Jan 30, 2003
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