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  1. Samsara


    Along with cold, marketsurfer is ET's preeminent serial troll and negative attention addict.

    I don't know if Baron has banned him for good. If not, feel free to delete this thread altogether. If so, then we can all expect a weekly influx of sock puppets hand-crafted by David Goodboy himself. Might as well list them here.

    There are a few grammatical tells that allows for quick, accurate identification, but we all know his insipid demeanor by now that it doesn't take much. If you're a moderator and want to know how to spot him, please just PM me.

    Let's begin. First sock puppet is <a href="">yellowtruck</a>
  2. He lists Montreal as his if that will fool anyone. YellowTruck is obviously the surfer character!
  3. Joe


    Got him.
  4. Samsara


    Ha! I didn't even notice that. Poor Goodboy is trying so hard!
  5. Maybe Joe can keep a running tally, so that everyone can see just how depraved this guy is. My best guess is that he ran thru at least 60-70 sock puppets during the previous ban.

    I still get a good laugh out of all the morons that "welcomed him back" when his original nick was re-instated. Full retard moment.
  6. Pekelo


    So what was the reason for the ban at this time?

    Also, I am taking bets when he is going to be reinstated. After all, he is good for pageviews, and that's what Baron needs....
  7. Samsara


    Chronically? Abysmal self-worth.

    Acutely, it was the silly fallout with ProfLogic that involved lawsuit threats.

    We will see him again (and again, and again). This kind of defilement is ultimately what his self-esteem seeks. Freud called it the return of the repressed.

    Thanks Joe (and Baron) for keeping the place clean. Although banning Goodboy will unfortunately increase your workload purging sock puppets.
  8. Is Sam a scorned lover of Surf's? Who else would waste time writing a hate thread? :confused:
  9. Are you Surf's jockstrap?
  10. Samsara


    I'm equally tired of your fellow daschund as I am of cold/c-kid -- as apparently is the rest of ET -- solely based on their behavior. I know you couldn't recognize integrity if it had a seizure on your front lawn so it's understandable that this concept escapes you.
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