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    Hey marketsurfer, my buddy traded the last atlantis options system it basically sucked. What do you know about Last Atlantis?
  2.'s at the bottom of the ocean where it belongs.......:cool:

  3. when i traded the LAC system, it was quite effective at nailing mispricings and arb opps. i know several of the guys at LAC, both past and present, good people, one and all.

  4. I think he was last seen trying to sell this monkey. Perhaps the folks at PETA had something to do with his disappearance.

  5. Riskarb = atticus
  6. Hey surf,

    Just because "marketsurfer" was banned (for now), there's no reason why you can't use "MarketDoofus." It would fit many of your posts like a glove. And just think, you'll finally have that MD designation that will conjure up unconditional respect at cocktail parties.
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    I do not think surf was a doofus. Although I always argued with him about trends and his buddy the worlds worst hedgefund manager. (imo)

    I have to admit marketdoofus is a heck of handle.

    I am still laughing.

    kudos to the first person who takes it.
  8. What happened to Marketsurfer? Read some of his posts on elite, hot hand then vanished.

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    another blow up?
  10. Lucrum


    Oh he didn't "vanish" fatso, he was BANNED. BIG difference. But then you knew that already there didn't ya smurf.
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