marketsurfer stock pick # 5

Discussion in 'Journals' started by marketsurfer, Feb 1, 2004.

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    EYE--- -- we will be shorting @ 19.73. EYEs wide shut--LOL


    surfer :)
  2. lol what a card
  3. I think I will lay low and wait for the "rare" ones... :p
  4. rare piks coming about once a week these days :D
  5. Dave,

    Looks like he's on the prowl. I wonder is it envy or something else? A few words posted words can speak volumes @ times!

    Keep @ It!

    God Bless & Take Care!
    GF2U! Kelly
  6. marketsurfer

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    hey kelly,

    happy to hear from you. how are things at crucial and clearstation ?? all is well here, just trying to stay warm in the sub freezing temps.


  7. marketsurfer

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    remember we are NOT shorting EYE untill the line @ 19.73 is broken. see attached chart.

    surfer :)
  8. Hello Good Morning,

    I check CS occasionally but havn't had any real meaningful exchange with anyone for quite sometime. Havn't dropped into Crucial since their site change.

    Yes, those single & sub 0 temps are BRUTAL! We just came out of them here this past w/e. I don't mind the cold but this was just bone chilling. After the awesome dec. weather here, no complaints really.

    I'll go a little OT, how's the family doing? Is the Hunter still HUGE? Let's hope Mr. Market doesn't see that. From one of your other comments your fund performance was very +!? I hope you've turned the corner so to speak.

    Well ya ol Wheelspinner, may it keep turning toward ever increasing benefits in all aspects of life.

    God Bless You & Yours Dave!
    GF2U! Kelly
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    out shorts fired in EYE and we are short from 19.73 stops 18.07

    surfer :)
  10. marketsurfer

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    the EYE short are profitible here. holding overnight.

    #10     Feb 2, 2004