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Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. shorted again here @ 13145 in YM. holding.

    selling should resume here.

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    you must have deep pockets. your going to lose money
  3. Selling resumes next week - there's no way they're gonna let this thing crash going into the week end. Fed is pretty desperate now - they'll do anything to prevent a crash. PPT held emergency meeting yesterday - didn't you hear?
  4. we'll see . holding tight stops on this one. 13167 stops
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    I think you might be right Marketsurfer.

    Its going to be the large hedge funds vs. the Fed to see you can out muscle each other today.
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    Too many fading this move - I'm waiting for some more weak shorts to blow out before getting heavily short.
  7. That's a rather tight stop by your standards. Further, I remember when you used to say that you did not even use stops. What has changed?

    P.S. I note that at 9:56 AM EST, the time at which you posted that you were short @ 13145, the market had already reached 13055, already giving you a profit of 90 points, which was already 4 times the size of your protective stop. I'm guessing that you could not have entered your trade later than 9:45 AM EST, 11 minutes before you posted your trade. Not that I'm complaining. Just an observation.

  8. took profits at 13077--see surf report for details of the change. this was expected to be a very short term entry, hence the hard stops. going on short vacation fishing.


  9. Actually, the Surf Report has no more information on this latest trade than what you have written here. So I don't understand why you would direct me to that other thread.

    And only because I'm a stickler for these annoying details, I note that you exited your short at a price that was higher than at the time that you announced you went short, apparently 11 or so minutes after the actual trade. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I think the journal would be somewhat more useful if it were more real-time, especially if we are to point to your recorded trades in the future as a matter of record. I only say this because I have noticed that you like to refer to your journal from time to time in referring to your credibility.
  10. Good trade Surf :cool:
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