Marketsurfer says short shake shack

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  1. out of curiosity i tasted a shake shack burger today. It just wasn't average, it was gawd awful. I am shocked they got any traction at all having such terrible products. The fries were unedible. Seriously, MCD burgers taste better and a whopper is like filet mignon compared to this shak meat. What a freaking snowjob on the public and wallstreet. Surfer says short this dog Next week. Will advise on entry. Surf
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  2. Autodidact


    Your logic is flawed

    You see, just because you don't like them, does not mean they are bad, and I personally don't like them either, but then again I hate rap music, and it sells billions.

    However, apparently I do have a bit more common sense than you, how did they become a billion dollar public company by selling burgers and fries that taste "gawd awful" ?

    Taste is a personal matter.
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  3. Taste is a personal matter to a degree but these burgers are unedible. I nearly barfed. Now, a MCD burger is rough, ill admit it. But a shake shak burger is the worst i ever tasted. Its some kind of hype machine, shak will fall and fall soon. Stay tune for our short annoucement.
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    Even if they were excellent burgers they're still going down along with every other hype factory equity. It's just a matter of time. Until then, carry on.
  5. Short interest is now over 37%
  6. The comments below this piece are gold...

    "SHAK boasted a PE of 1148.7 and has the wisdom to expand its business to Middle East where internal conflicts and wars are incessant."

    "I think you are right on target, but you may be thinking to rational. After all I thought this when the stock was "overpriced" at the IPO at 20, then again at 45. After losing my house,car, plane and lake cabin I am convinced it is still overpriced at 68. My camper is the only collateral I have left to hold on to my short position."
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  7. Personally after being out all night with good friends and family having some cocktails "f" shake shack give me some White Castle hahahaha.
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    Most Yelp are 4-5 stars, if burgers were as bad as you say, then there would be a lot of 1 stars on Yelp, as negativity always attracts more reviews being posted.
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    Shak pe is absolutely is defying gravity.....
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    Which proves that markets can stay irrational for quite some time, only weakening or parabolic price action will point to end of trend.
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