Marketsurfer report spam

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  1. Can you please look at this journal report? It looks like spam. Anti Obama rants, trying to recruit other traders and lots of chit chat.
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    If it's in chit chat, anything goes. You can talk about gay midget porn on that thread if you want. EVERYTHING is on topic in chit chat.
  3. Could you post a link to the gay midget porn thread, Thanks.
  4. They closed his journal down, I'm guessing because of what you cite below.

  5. No more discussing price drivers.:mad:
  6. I'm not losing any sleep :D

  7. Lucrum


    His latest PD trade blew up in his face - again.

    That may be some or most of smurf's motivation to have his thread closed.
  8. I think there were two opposite PD's active at the time of that trade.

    1. Cyprus / Euro risk off

    2. The Bernanke / POMO

    It appears that one was more powerful than the other. US FED winz again....

  9. Maybe his PD system is in negotiations again.....LOL.....nah that can't be it!

  10. Back to Neogann channels.

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