marketsurfer, how does it feel to be wrong?oil $79

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Daal, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Daal


    or you are still sticking to the idea that will never break $79
    Just tell us where is the oil is going to come from. 'its a secret' it no argument. you oil bears feel free to chime in, I like to hear how you guys are rationalizing this one
  2. still in support of idea. stay tuned, oil going down.


  3. wrong?? not yet.

  4. Daal


    it might go down in the short-run but the question is still pending. the bears thought american shale oil was going to save the day, so far its still a long way from making any impact
  5. If oil crosses $79.01, market sufer should be banned for life! I don't know you sir, but anyone who is a bear on energy should be put in a mental hospital.

    Plus I'd watch my back if I were you. XOM, BP, COP are taking out shorts one by one...
  6. rosy2


    from what i see the shorts are making money.
  7. Surdo


    Why are there so many bitter cunts on this board?
    It's not like Surfer is T Boone Pickens and called $100 oil on TV.
    I make calls on here and am often wrong.
    Anybody that puts their gonads on the chopping block deserves credit, unless they are MichaelScott!

    We have not seen the top in Crude yet, trust me we will see $80 before $70.
  8. Watch the stock market shit all over itself and we'll see 70 before 80...maybe on Tuesday...
  9. Daal


    that says it all, counldn't agree more. There is still some people out there who want to apply 'contrarian' approaches when they a bunch mindless rebels who want to go against the crowd even in face of overwhealming contrary evidence. consesus is right sometimes
  10. True, i agree surdo, these forums are filled with wannabes. In fact, even if someone were to call it and get it right, it doesn't mean they can make money from their calling it.

    I find people on these forums love to call things just to boost up their own courage. Nobody in the world knows what the future holds.

    I'm still bullish too, but short-term and intermediate term I feel some weakness...I tried shorting today for instance, but took some small losses
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